Our Steadfast focus

Every week counts – staying pregnant full-term is one of the best ways to ensure a baby has the necessary time to grow and develop. We focus our efforts with the end goal in mind – helping women carry their pregnancies to full-term and giving babies a chance at a healthier start. Our priorities every day include:

  • Collaboration with healthcare providers to advance patient care
  • Contributing to the advancement of women’s healthcare through research and development
  • Partnering with those invested in prematurity to raise awareness


Impact of Prematurity

Preterm birth is defined as the birth of an infant prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy. Every year, 500,000 babies are born preterm—that’s 1 of every 9 infants born in the United States.¹

In addition to increasing the infant’s risk of death in its first few days of life, preterm birth and low birth weight can lead to lifelong disabilities for the child, including visual and hearing impairments, developmental delays, and behavioral and emotional problems that range from mild to severe.² Preterm-related causes of death together accounted for 35% of all infant deaths in 2009, more than any other single cause.³


Advancing the science of women’s health

Lumara Health remains committed to advancing the science of women’s health and building our portfolio of products for the women of tomorrow.

Through our Research & Development team, Lumara Health is conducting several clinical trials to advance knowledge of treatments for prematurity.

Lumara Health is committed to conducting clinical trials consistent with high ethical standards while upholding rigorous scientific methodology. We want to collaborate with leading scientists and healthcare providers in their respective fields of expertise while evaluating medications and health outcomes in order to provide healthcare professionals with access to clinically relevant information. Lumara Health willingly accepts the scientific and moral obligation to share with the medical community results of our studies, regardless of whether those results are positive, negative, or inconclusive.

Click here to learn more about our research efforts.

Breaking down the barriers to treatment for our patients

As an organization, our focus includes helping to ensure cost is not a barrier for patients. Lumara Health has supported thousands of patients through its various assistance programs.

Lumara Health supports a customer service program, the Makena Care Connection®, which helps facilitate the prescription process and also administers the financial assistance programs. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-847-3418 Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm (CT).

At Lumara Health, we also provide financial assistance for our other FDA-approved products, including Clindesse® (clindamycin phosphate), Gynazole-1® (Butoconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream USP, 2%) and Evamist® (estradiol transdermal spray). For more information and to access savings visit each product’s specific website, click here.

Collaborating with the women’s health community

We recognize the importance of collaborating with a variety of stakeholders in the healthcare community involved in the fight against prematurity.

Lumara Health is proud to support the educational efforts of patient advocacy groups and healthcare professional organizations to advance knowledge and awareness of preterm birth. We seek to support the delivery of quality healthcare as well as partner with organizations committed to helping patients receive appropriate care and treatment.

Supporting our local community

We’re proud to be part of the St. Louis, MO community where many of our employees live and work. It’s important to Lumara Health and our employees to support the local organizations that make our community and the surrounding area a great place to live.

The Little Bit Foundation

  • "The donations we receive are so much more than a new pair of socks or a backpack of school supplies. These gifts improve our children’s self-esteem and confidence, which better positions them for success in the classroom. Through the support of our volunteers, donors, and organizations such as Lumara Health, The Little Bit Foundation continues to make a positive impact on the lives of children in St. Louis."
    — Rosemary Hanley
    Executive Director of The Little Bit Foundation
In 2013, Lumara Health employees donated nearly 1,400 school supplies and other basic necessities to the Little Bit Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to serving the needs of local disadvantaged students by partnering with local St. Louis-area schools. These items included glue sticks, highlighters, Sharpie markers, girls and boys socks, two-pocket folders, spiral notebooks, boxes of crayons, and more. This donation will help provide local students with needed supplies for the classroom. Founded in 2001, the Little Bit Foundation currently serves 4,300 elementary and middle school children, most of whom are at or near the poverty level, at 16 St. Louis-area schools. .


In 2012, our employees gathered together to donate three trailers full of excess office supplies to KidSmart, a local St. Louis organization that helps ensure that children and their classrooms in the Greater Metropolitan Saint Louis Area have the basic tools for learning. Founded in 2002, KidSmart has distributed over $21 Million in school supplies to roughly 50,000 low-income students at over 200 schools in the St. Louis Area over the last decade. .

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